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Utilitarian: A super app that benefits you

We strive to accelerate the transition to a circular economy while making life easier for consumers. Join the Utilitarian world: a global community of consumers, brands and circular economy platforms dedicated to creating a green, clean and circular future.


Hours of child labour in the world this year

Currently, 152 million children between the ages 5 and 17 work as child labourers. That is 10% of the world’s children working in often dangerous conditions to produce everyday and industrial products within global supply chains.

Utilitarian recognises the need for a strong and sustained global movement to end child labour. Utilitarian champions transparency and rewards fair trade businesses. Our app empowers consumers to push for global systemic change to phase out all child labour.


Tons of waste from households

Most of the world’s household waste goes to landfill or is burnt. Waste generation and burning contribute to global emissions and are expected to increase by more than 60% by 2050 unless major actions are taken.

Utilitarian seeks to divert household waste from landfill on a significant scale by accelerating the transition from the current linear waste system to a circular economy.


Hours of slave work this year

There are 40 million people living in slavery right now—more than at anyother time in human history. Modern day slaves produce many everyday products, such as coffee, chocolate, sugar, cotton, footwear, toys and electronics.

Utilitarian’s end-to-end digital ecosystem ensures greater transparency and real accountabilityfor all brands and manufacturers. Utilitarian will track ethical and fairwork data for all businesses to hold them accountable and push for the end of modern slavery.


Power lies with consumers

Utilitarian enables all consumers to live more conveniently. The simple-to-use app allows you to connect with all services you need to recycle, resell and reuse your products in ways that contribute to saving the planet and deliver a clear future.

Behind the scenes, we work with established and emerging circular economy platforms, recycling services and brand partners that are contributing to the creation of a circular economic eco-system. The Utilitarian app brings together all key services and information to transform the consumer-product relationship, putting the power in the hands of consumers.

A convenient solution that makes life easier for everyone, the app stores all your product information digitally, what we call digital equivalents, in a single location. With Utilitarian, digital recordkeeping has never been easier.


01. Behavioural changes

Product profiles are created, with detailed information on all relevant product and brand data. This enables consumers to make more conscious purchasing decisions.

02. Consumer rewards

Brands recognise positive post-consumption actions through rewards programs. Consumers build profiles as conscious citizens adapting to positive behaviours.

03. Accountability

Utilitarian tracks and records all relevant manufacturer data. Businesses can demonstrate improvement and highlight their achievements in contributing to a cleaner planet.

04. Resource recovery

At meta level, location and volume of scarce resources are pinpointed. This unlocks resource recovery potential and an accelerated circular economy.

Made for you, Made for the planet

Utilitarian benefits both your future and the planet’s future

Empowering consumers to transform their relationship with all products, Utilitarian is a future-oriented platform that will make your life easier. Centralising all that you need in one super app, Utilitarian has emerged as a single super platform in a hyper-crowded market.

It solves the problem of digital receipt and product information storage, creating digital equivalents of your product and storing within a digital wallet.

Partner with Us

Are you interested in becoming our partner or investing in Utilitarian?

Utilitarian is in the process of partnering with brands, organisations and platforms that are committed to accelerating the transition to a more circular economy. Investment or partnership with Utilitarian means aligning your brand with our movement and purpose while forming strategic connections with like-minded brands, NGOs, governments and circular economy platforms. To learn more about partnering or investing, contact the Utilitarian team today.

The Utilitarian.World app is launching in 2023.

Utilitarian is proud to be a part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community

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Accelerating the transition to a green, clean and circular future.