It’s not easy being green. Utilitarian is here to change that.

Don’t think environmentalism is the sexiest of all topics? Utilitarian is going to make it fun, easy, and rewarding.

While we understand that many people do want to do the right thing by the planet… misunderstandings can take the fun out of things and create barriers that people aren’t sure how to overcome.

In recent years, there have been both local and global pushes for more sustainability and environmentalism in all areas of life. While there are many players making attempts (both big and small) to make the planet a better place for future generations, the plethora of initiatives currently underway are often tricky to understand… or even not what they purport to be (we’re talking about greenwashing!).

If you’ve ever asked: “How much of a difference can I personally make in the big picture?” or “Are my actions really contributing to environmental sustainability?” … Then you’re in the right place. Here’s our break down of how and why being circular can be difficult right now… and our answer to how Utilitarian is about to make it a whole lot easier!

What are the main culprits that make it difficult for people to be sustainable? 

  1. Greenwashing

An increasing problem that involves jumping on the bandwagon of brands that are making genuine improvements, greenwashing is when a company uses marketing and spin tactics to give a misleading impression that they are environmentally conscious—when they actually aren’t.

Similarly, ethics-washing is when organisations fake or exaggerate their ethical practices, usually via marketing campaigns. Together, greenwashing and ethics-washing combine to cause confusion for people who are just trying to navigate buying and using more ethical and sustainable products. 

  1. Counterproductive initiatives

Have you ever opted for a paper straw only to become frustrated when it goes soggy before you can finish your drink? Have you used compostable or biodegradable versions of everyday items, but ended up putting these in the red-lidded landfill bin anyway?

While well-intentioned, the above examples show that while some initiatives seem green and receive a lot of hype… if they are too difficult to do, they aren’t actually being effective. And in some cases, they are counterproductive, causing even more waste. 

  1. Confusing waste systems

Many people are confused by what can actually be recycled in their local area and kerbside bins. The overcomplexity of local regulations means that understanding what can and can’t be recycled is often no easy task.

While most people care about the environment, if even just a little… for most people living busy lives, researching and remembering all that can and can’t be recycled, as well as where to go and how to do it, is just asking too much. Not understanding our waste system can also lead to ‘wishcycling’. This is recycling something that you hope can be recycled but aren’t really sure, leading to contamination of recycling streams and a higher chance of the entire contaminated stream being sent to landfill. 

Utilitarian will make it all easier

Utilitarian has seen and heard these difficulties. We know that environmentalism, while taking big strides in recent times, has also encountered backlashes in the forms of overcomplexity, confusion, and straight-up greenwashing.

It’s clear that doing the right thing by the environment—and even knowing what the right thing by the environment is—can be hard. That’s why Utilitarian has stepped up. We are building an app that is designed to genuinely make life easier for everyday people.

  • The Utilitarian app will make life easier—by connecting you with real-time information and services for all your products. Utilitarian will improve your relationship with your products and brands for the better.
  • The Utilitarian app will make it easier for you to be more sustainable. If you are someone who really cares about making your personal difference to the planet in an impactful way—Utilitarian is the perfect app for you. We will take the barriers away from you making a genuine impact through everyday actions.
  • The Utilitarian app will reward you for positive circular actions. Utilitarian is here to bring fun and joy to doing the right thing by the environment. We will make the entire process easy, rewarding, and enjoyable for you.