Utilitarian simplifies how to be sustainable.

Sustainability can be complicated. Utilitarian makes it simple. 

When it comes to being more sustainable: it’s complicated, we know. In today’s world, there are so many sustainability platforms, reselling and recycling services, and a plethora of brands now claiming to be ethical and sustainable. Plus, the whole process is confused by the problem of greenwashing and ethics-washing.

While we know that there is indeed an incredibly positive groundswell of initiatives and campaigns that are pushing for a more sustainable and circular world… figuring out just where you fit in and how you can make a genuine impact can be tricky (to say the least).

This is where Utilitarian comes in.

Utilitarian connects you with everything you need to be more sustainable

Several key players in our global economic system have begun to head in the right direction—towards a circular economy model that eliminates waste and champions a truly sustainable system. A circular economy can never be simple. And as a result, the move to this more sustainable system involves everyone… from brands, manufacturers, and government organisations to recycling and reselling services to circular economy platforms and environmental initiatives.

When it comes to being a consumer, it’s clear that trying to contribute is being over-complicated by a complex network of initiatives and solutions.

Utilitarian is here to make it simple. Our super app provides a centralised solution for everyday people to easily navigate how to be more sustainable. We help you to recycle better, understand more, make circular decisions, and contribute to our saving our planet in meaningful ways. 

Utilitarian is here to make your life simpler

  • We are here guide you through the process of improving your personal sustainability, through easy-to-follow steps and simple participation.
  • We take the confusion and red tape away from discerning the brands that are truly sustainable from those that use greenwashing.
  • We connect you with all the services and initiatives that you need to reduce, resell, reuse, and recycle.
  • We provide you with all the product information and customer services that you need, when you need it, via our real-time app.
  • We simplify your recordkeeping by providing a centralised in-app digital wallet for all your product receipts and information.

Utilitarian is sustainability, simplified

We have done the work to create a simple and easy system for you… that also will make a big impact on saving our planet through circularity. We are putting the power back into consumers’ hands, meaning, with Utilitarian: a sustainable world is now up to you.