Utilitarian: Who are we and what is our mission?

How does the Utilitarian platform work? And what is the overall purpose behind our mission?

At the heart of who we are, Utilitarian is an app made for all consumers who want to live more sustainably. We strive to provide a convenient solution that empowers everyday people to meaningfully contribute to a more circular world through simple and conscious participation.

Behind the scenes, we have worked to invent lasting solutions to the structural challenges of creating a circular economy. The Utilitarian digital platform connects a complex range of sophisticated programs, services, brands, and circular partners in a purposeful, centralised location.

We have established a true end-to-end platform that is a window into a new and exciting world of digital sustainability efforts. The Utilitarian app connects all stakeholders who are part of the complex yet dedicated circular economy movement pushing for a cleaner future and a more sustainable world.

The mission and purpose of Utilitarian is:

  • To accelerate the transition to a clean, more circular future.
  • To empower consumers to transform their relationship with products and genuinely contribute to improving the planet.
  • To bring together all key services, brands, businesses, consumers, and other players in the shared goal of creating a circular economy.
  • To create Digital Twin Profiles that conveniently store digital receipts and connect consumers with all customer service needs.
  • To ensure real transparency and accountability to enable a greater level of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.
  • To incentivise and reward brands who are changing the way that they design and manufacture products, and recycle and reuse materials.
  • To change the economic system through disruptive change from an unsustainable linear one to a sustainable circular economy.

The challenge of complexity

The circular economy is as much about returning materials safely back into the economic system… as it is about avoiding and reducing waste in the first place. This is where recycling streams, reselling systems, buy-back programs, composting efforts, circular economy platforms (and many more!) all have their part to play.

All these systems and players are absolutely essential and are doing truly amazing work to contribute to closing the loop in the effort to build a more circular society. As it stands, while all working towards the same end goal—a more circular world—these many, and often complex, systems currently face structural challenges.

For consumers, effectively using the many systems, brands, and schemes that champion recycling, reuse, and waste reduction has become an overly complex task. While there are undoubtedly a range of programs available dedicated to closing the loop, consumers are inundated with too much information, too many options, and too many barriers when it comes to taking significant actions.

Utilitarian: connecting all to create a more circular world

This is where Utilitarian comes in.

  • Utilitarian is the structural solution that makes every recycling program, sustainable brand, product stewardship scheme, and circular economy platform much easier to understand and navigate for consumers.
  • Utilitarian celebrates these efforts by rewarding brands and programs that are making an effort to improve sustainability and circularity.
  • Utilitarian brings all stakeholders together by providing the ultimate platform—a super app—where consumers, brands, and circular platforms can work together more effectively and collaboratively.
  • Utilitarian makes it easy and rewarding for consumers and everyday people to meaningfully contribute to creating a more circular world.

End game: we’ve done the work, the rest is up to you

At Utilitarian, we have brought together all the services, businesses, and information that you need to take more circular actions. Our app has taken a monumentally complex network of stakeholders and connected them all in an effort to genuinely further the initiative to create a cleaner future.

While a circular economy can never be simple, Utilitarian works behind the scenes to make it truly easy for everyday people to make their contribution.

We work every day behind the scenes to put the power in your hands. So that, with Utilitarian, a cleaner future is up to you.